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June 7, 2022
I wanted her the moment I first saw her.

Chanelle Nicolls, the great CNN reporter, was more beautiful in person than on TV. Looking into her gorgeous eyes was like being struck by lightning. The feeling was enchanting.

I'd never before wanted to possess a woman. But I wanted to make Chanelle Nicolls mine.

Mine... This word, which had so far been unfamiliar to me, appeared in my mind. Something was changing in me, too quickly and dangerously.

I didn't want our relationship to be purely sexual. Yes, the desire was there, but it was all much more profound than lust. It was as if my soul wanted to merge with hers. So, when I received a call from the hospital, informing me that Chanelle had been in a crash, a red curtain fell before my eyes.

Who wanted to hurt Chanelle and why?
Language: English
Beautiful Devil:
The Rockstar Duet (Book 2)
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September 18, 2018
The past couldn't be changed. It left its ugly wounds, which needed a long time, maybe almost a lifetime, to heal. And even when they did heal, the scars left behind would always remind us what happened.
For so many years, I'd lived under the shadow of death, without love, without letting anyone get close to me. My soul yearned for true love.
Emily Delon was innocent, far too pure for my demonic soul, but I managed to make her mine anyway.
But could our love defeat the dark shadows hiding in the future?
Language: English
Beautiful Devil:
The Rockstar Duet (Book 1)
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August 18, 2018
From Bestselling author Sharlyn G. Branson, comes the first book in a new, beautiful duet.

Sex, wild parties and alcohol. When you're the lead singer of a rock group, you don't need to make much of an effort to attract the attention of a hot chick - the music had already done that job for you. And when you make her scream in bed, tightly gripping the sheets or digging her nails into your back - it is mission complete. Everybody calls me the devil. I think they dubbed me that because they believe I'm heartless. Perhaps they're right... I don't know the meaning of the word "love" and I've always tried to avoid emotions. I suspect the reason for that is hidden in my past. I really have no idea and don't want to try to find the answer. The only question I'm still seeking answer to is: Why, since I met her, can't I think of anything other than the petite French woman with thick lips and the body of a goddess, Emily Delon?

Beautiful Devil is the first book in the Rockstar Duet. Beautiful Devil (Book 2) will release one month later on September, 18, 2018.
Language: English
Between Clouds and Stars
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September 21, 2016
My life is perfect. I have money, power, good looks and countless women ready to do anything to get their hands on me, and my rather large package. My business brings in billions every year and my airline has the fastest airplanes in the world. In short, I have everything a man can dream of. Or so I thought until I met Estelle Klide.

The second I saw her, I decided to make her mine.

Her body was sinfully sexy. She had amazing, mesmerizing indigo eyes. Her sweet scent was the epitome of temptation and evoked images of wild, animalistic sex in my mind.

I couldn't help but fall for her - hard. Letting her slip through my fingers was not an option.

In involving myself with her, I entered waters I'd never thought I'd have to swim in. I set off on a journey filled with mystery, fear and a lot of love.

The only thing that threatened to ruin this paradise and destroy everything, was her ex-husband, who turned out to be a real monster

BETWEEN CLOUDS AND STARS is a standalone romance novel, which takes place in the fantastical world of the future.
Language: English
Print Length: 218 pages
Limits of Destiny (Volume 5)
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March 31, 2016
Does love have the power to overcome all obstacles and defeat evil?
Alexander Kraftberg is a man who knows how to get what he wants in life, and the most important thing to him is Alexia. He can't imagine living without her kisses, the tender touch of her hands, her passionate and hot body, and her love. But if they are to be happy together, she must trust him - fully and unconditionally. Her pain and insecurity must be dispelled and the demons of her nightmares have to be destroyed. Alexia is trying to recover after the suffering which she has been subjected to. She adores Alexander, but her dream of a future together with him is at odds with his. Fate gives Alexia what she wants more than anything - a baby.
But will her pregnancy destroy everything they've built together so far?
Language: English
Print Length: 260 pages
Limits of Destiny (Volume 4)
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October 17, 2015
What are the thresholds of pain tolerance?
Alexia feels empty inside - all the joys she'd experienced before are gone. She realizes her recovery will take a long time and she has no right to drag Alexander - the only man she's ever truly loved - down the hole of her own despair. Alexia must forget her ordeal if they are to be happy together again. But will she be strong enough to forget what has happened to her? Or will she lose everything? Alexander Kraftberg is a man of strong character who has money and power, and won't stop at anything to achieve his goals. He loves Alexia and is determined to do whatever it takes to maintain his relationship with her. But their future together is in the hands of his beloved.
Language: English
Print Length: 274 pages
Limits of Destiny (Volume 3)
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August 17, 2015
Back in Switzerland, Alexia is forced to face new difficulties. People from their past constantly stand in their way, trying to split them up. Will these ghosts of their pasts manage to destroy their relationship? As a man accustomed to getting what he wants, Alexander Kraftberg is determined to do anything to keep Alexia just for himself. But can she trust him? Is Alexander really the man she thinks he is?
Their love is shaken to the core when an unknown person sends Alexia pictures from Alexander's depraved past. Shocked and confused, she feels she is skating on thin ice that can crack at any moment...
Language: English
Print Length: 314 pages
Limits of Destiny (Volume 2)
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July 22, 2015
The detonation of a bomb in Kraftberg's hotel takes Alexander and Alexia to Dubai. Reminding her of the stories of Scheherazade, the beauty of the Arab world delights Alexia, but at the same time, she has to face the fear of losing her beloved. Their relationship continues to be threatened by the dark secrets hiding in Alexander's past. Will they manage to overcome these challenges together? Will they discover who ordered the attack on Alexander's hotel?
Language: English
Print Length: 289 pages
Limits of Destiny (Volume 1)
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July 10, 2015
Alexia Welson is very beautiful and men do not fail to notice. Still, she feels unhappy and depressed because she's never managed to fall in love. But this quickly changes. At a birthday party, she meets the most eligible bachelor in Switzerland - the young and incredibly ambitious multimillionaire Alexander Kraftberg. Despite her friend's warnings against getting involved with him due to his notoriety as a big womanizer, the two begin a love affair full of great passion and powerful sexual attraction. However, their future is threatened by Alexander's depraved and dark past. Upon finding out about his lifestyle, Alexia is shocked. She begins to feel torn and terribly insecure...
Language: English
Print Length: 345 pages